A new book by Professor Emeritus Davor Juretić has just been published by CRC Press, Taylor & Francis. The book is based on twenty papers by prof. Juretić published together with other colleagues at the Faculty of Science, University of Split, which were one of the scientific foundations for the establishment of graduate and doctoral studies in biophysics at our Faculty.

Researchers, educators, and students of life sciences (biophysics, bioinformatics, enzymes as nanomotors) can find in this text many examples of how we can use the interdisciplinary approach to study cells’ virtuoso ability to connect the microscopic to the macroscopic world.

For a more detailed description of the book and the topics covered in the 16 chapters, see the following link: https://www.routledge.com/Bioenergetics-A-Bridge-across-Life-and-Universe/Juretic/p/book/9780815388388

Additional details are available at http://www.medils.org/news and from the author’s home page at https://juretic.medils.hr/ and https://mapmf.pmfst.unist.hr/~juretic/.


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