Utorak, 25. rujna u 12 sati, B3-47

Clemens Staudinger

Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

Bosonic and Fermionic Many-Particle Systems in the Hyper-Netted-Chain Theory

 Understanding correlations in many-particle systems is nowadays crucial for advances in quantum electronics, nano-sciences and cold atom physics. Quantum Monte-Carlo (QMC) methods are accurate but highly time consuming. We here employ a Hyper-Netted-Chain-theory based approach to compute the spin-resolved pair distribution functions and static structure factors of the two-dimensional, partially spin-polarised electron liquid as well as of three-dimensional mixtures of cold bosonic atoms. Compared to QMC, remarkable accuracy is achieved with minimal numerical effort for the two-dimensional electron liquid. For a broad range of densities and polarisations we apply this to investigate the equation of state of both the bosonic mixtures and the electron liquid.

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