The development of science and technics in applying computers has become an integral part of most human activities. The aim of our study programme is to train young experts to actively participate in educating new generations, as well as develop and apply information and communication technologies. The Department of Computer Science runs the study programme Computer Science at the undergraduate level to prepare students to work in the profession or continue their studies at any other faculty offering a graduate study programme in computer science. At the graduate level of the study programme, besides the expert section, relating to the area of computer science, skills necessary to successfully work with people are mastered, whether with colleagues on the job or pupils. The specifics of the programme we are offering is manifested in a carefully balanced combination between theory and practice, between the profession and people relationships.


Teaching personnel at the Department of Computer Science organise teaching as the single-specialisation study programme Computer Science, and ink collaboration with teaching personnel from other Departments as a double programme specialisation in Mathematics and Computer Science, Informatics and Technics, Physics and Computer Science. Teaching personnel at the Department collaborate in holding classes in the undergraduate and graduate study programmes at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split and the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology in Split. They participate in running postgraduate teaching in the postgraduate university study programme Education Research in the Natural and Technical Sciences, which is organised by the Faculty of Science in Split, and in organising teaching in the postgraduate study programme at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split. In cooperation with the county Society of Technical Education Pedagogues, they organise and run courses in ongoing schooling of primary school teachers in the area of computer science with students who regularly participate in running county competitions in computer science for primary schools.

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