Scientific activities

The Faculty of Science at the University of Split organises and conducts scientific-research and professional work in the area of scientific, technical, biotechnical, biomedical and social sciences, establishing scientific research cooperation in these areas with various departments at the University of Split as well as other scientific and scientific-education institutions in the Republic of Croatia and beyond. The Faculty of Science bases its scientific strategic guidelines not just on the scientific strategy set by the University of Split, of which the Faculty is a key component, but also on national and international scientific strategies. The scientific strategy is a fundamental and comprehensive document containing the mission and vision, analysing the existing situation, and incorporating the main strategic priorities along with a series of tasks where each involves an elaborated activities and planned result.
The mission of the Faculty of Science is to contribute to society by undertaking top research, not just in pure but also applied sciences, while adhering to high standards of excellence, creativity, integrity, ethics and morals. As a public tertiary education institution, the Faculty preserves knowledge as a public good, continually creating and advancing knowledge through research and innovation. The key activity of the Faculty of Science in Split is to promote science and emphasise the important social role attributed to knowledge and science and, accordingly, encourage students to get involved in research work, innovation, creative challenges, especially to assume leadership roles in the profession and society.
The Faculty of Science is to become an institute of higher education, recognised for its top multidisciplinary research in pure and applied sciences, strong and sustainable cooperation with all sections of the community, especially the economic sector. The Faculty of Science will make its scientific infrastructure available to external scientists from other various scientific institutions in Croatia and abroad, as well as to the economic sector, in order to optimise useability, all for the purpose of achieving top research results and transferring such results. The Faculty encourages student mobility and that of its employees for the purpose of deepening knowledge and bringing it into line with the most recent discoveries, and also offers opportunities for optimal development of professional personnel.


Given its approach, the Faculty of Science conducts three types of scientific research: theoretical research, experimental and mixed methods research, and in terms of research approach, it performs pure and applied research. These types of research require a particular approach based on the manner of financing and development strategies at various levels (EU, Croatia, University of Split, Faculty of Science).

The essential importance of experimental and mixed methods research is the founding and organising of new research laboratories in our new building on university campus, including collaboration with the centres of excellence for science and technology (STIM, one of seven Croatian scientific centres of excellence)

The Faculty of Science is specific, in that research is undertaken in four areas of science, i.e., the natural, technical, biotechnical and social sciences, and a larger number of various scientific fields such as mathematics, physics, geophysics, biology, chemistry, biotechnology, nutrition, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, pedagogy, kinesiology, psychology, informatics and communication science. All these activities rely on a relatively small number of scientists, leading to somewhat a fragmented approach to research but, on the other hand, the clear advantage is that this approach incorporates a large number of scientific disciplines, as well as exceptionally well networked collaboration with other institutions in the country and abroad.

Our teaching personnel have been members of numerous scientific and organisational committees at international scientific conferences organised by other institutions. Our teaching personnel at the Faculty of Science are also members of numerous international associations and societies.


In 2016, the international scientific journal Acta Mathematica Spalatensia was started, which is published in collaboration by the Split Mathematical Society and the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Science, University of Split. The journal comes out once a year in two volumes: Acta Mathematica Spalatensia (scientific volume) and Acta Mathematica Spalatensia, Series Didactica (professional methodics volume).

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