The Chair has professors from the area of social sciences, fields of pedagogics, psychology, sociology, philosophy and kinesiology as well as from the area of humanities, field of English Studies.

Students are able to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in education processes by attending classes in courses covering social sciences. Furthermore, they will gain a better understanding of learning difficulties, be able to overcome problems pupils face and find adequate solutions. Professors at the Chair training students to understand and implement the role of sociological, psychological and pedagogical research in explaining concepts addressed in the study programmes, understand and implement a healthy lifestyle, read and comprehend literature written in the English language, teach courses, successfully undertaken an educational role.

The Chair is well known due to its leading role in the professional supplementary pedagogic, didactic, psychological and methodical education of teachers. Some of the employees at the Chair participate in running the doctoral study programme Education in the Natural and Technical Sciences. Scientific-research work is one of the fundamental activities of teaching personnel at the Chair. They have collaborated as leaders and associates in a number of scientific projects. They have published a large number of scientific and professional papers. Kinesiology professors actively collaborate in the organising, preparation and running of sports teams at faculty and university student championships.

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