Briefly on research in condensed matter physics
Research in condensed matter is divided into research groups that study specific scientific topics. From theoretical side our research seeks answers to intriguing questions in fields of quantum matter. We study ultracold atoms, atomic clusters and confined quantum fluids and solids, dynamical processes in molecular liquids, and properties of Dirac materials. Methods applied span from classical and quantum Monte Carlo, through molecular dynamics to fermions’ Green’s functions, diagrammatic techniques, and the theory of dielectric response. Experimental research is oriented to study of functional nano-materials and devices, using atomic force and scanning electron microscopy imaging, sample micro-fabrication by magnetron sputtering and photolithography, and their electrical and thermal characterization in wide temperature (2 K – 700 K) and magnetic field ranges (<12 T).

Studying condensed matter physics
From educational side, condensed matter physics is studied at master level of physics, within the scope of Computational physics. Additional to general topics like solid-state, atomic and molecular, nuclear, and particle physics, offered obligatory courses cover topics in atomic dynamics, and stochastic simulations. Besides specialization in modelling, students are free to choose additional theoretical and experimental courses, while from the very beginning they participate in our research through elective research work. Diploma thesis is research oriented and takes place in the last semester of the study.

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