Briefly on research in physics education
The Physics Education Group provides the basis for the advancement of physics education through research and practice. The group also examines general principles of quality assurance in education systems and the relevance of educational outcomes in society and participates in the development of the national curriculum and qualification frames. The group seeks to improve teaching of physics by introducing contemporary scientific knowledge, effective teaching methods and state-of-the-art technologies in all educational cycles – from preschool to university level. The group is responsible for education of future physics teachers as well as their practice in schools and is also involved in physics teachers training.

Studying physics education
Master of Education in Physics, Mathematics and Physics and Computer Science, studies are a two-year study designed to acquire the competencies required for the profession of elementary and secondary school teacher of those subjects. They are performed by the Department of Physics in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Informatics. The study builds on the physics concepts of undergraduate study to be used in school teaching. Students learn the application of basic experimental methods, the processing of measured data, and the performance and interpretation of demonstration experiments. They also acquire the knowledge needed to apply information and communication technologies and multimedia in teaching.

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