The Faculty of Science in Split is one of the founders and one of the oldest faculties at the University of Split, and with approx. 900 students and 140 employees, it is one of the university’s larger departments. The core business of the Faculty is teaching, scientific-research and professional work in the areas of the natural, technical and social sciences, while research is further undertaken in the area of the biotechnical and biomedical sciences. The Faculty trains future teachers (bachelor’s degree and master’s degrees in education) in the field of mathematics, physics, computer science, technics, biology and chemistry, as well as engineers (master’s degrees in the field of mathematics and physics including a bachelor’s degree in nutrition.

The success of the Faculty of Science is confirmed by the quality of previous students. Graduates who acquire a tertiary education at the Faculty, receive comprehensive training in undertaking jobs for which they have been educated, as well as tracking the development of their profession by getting involved in lifelong learning. These graduates are highly esteemed on the labour market. The Faculty is also well known for its professional supplementary pedagogic-didactic-psychological-methodical education of future teachers. Over the last few years, the doctorate programme in Biophysics and doctorate programme in Education Research in Natural and Technical Sciences as the only interdisciplinary postgraduate programme in the area of education have received increasing recognition.

In recent years, the Faculty has significantly intensified activities in popularising science, with an emphasis on STEM areas. The popularisation of science has taken place by participating in organising the Science Festival and the Researchers’ Night, as well as in organising a series of lectures and workshops directed mostly to primary and secondary school pupils. Additional preparations for competitions are also organised for primary and secondary school pupils in the area of mathematics, computer science and physics, thus helping the Faculty to further integrate into the local community. Moreover, in cooperation with the Education and Teacher Training Agency, activities are being undertaken in organising and implementing the training of teachers in STEM fields.

The Lacerta Student Association and the Alumni Student Association operate under the auspices of the Faculty of Science on faculty premises. The Faculty is also closely tied to the Split Mathematical Society and the Split Physical Society.

The Department of Biology at the Faculty of Science has been engaged in the renewal of the Split Botanical Garden. Special attention is given to encouraging and developing a culture of care and protection towards the environment, as well as educational and scientific-research work. The Botanical Garden serves to educate students at the Faculty of Science and related faculties, as well as preschool children, and including primary and secondary school pupils. Field teaching takes place at the Botanical Garden, including practicums, workshops and scientific-research work. Importantly, the Botanical Garden in Split would not be able to operate and continue its ongoing development without continual efforts of the Faculty of Science.

The Faculty is authorised to implement a part of the procedure for election to scientific tenure in the scientific area of natural sciences, field of mathematics, physics and biology.



Broj upisanih studenata po grupama

Fizika 75studenata
Fizika i informatika 35studenata
Inženjerska fizika 36studenata
Informatika 132studenata
Informatika i tehnika 80studenata
Matematika 105studenata
Matematika i fizika 42studenata
Matematika i informatika 76studenata
Biologija i kemija 103studenata
Nutricionitam 76studenata

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