Matilda ŠprungAssociate professor

    Department of Chemistry
    Faculty of Science, University of Split, Croatia
    Phone: +385 21 619-311
    Location: office B2-39, Ruđera Boškovića 33, Split

    Scientific interest

    • Biological activity and mode of action of newly synthesized heterocyclic compounds
    • Protein chemistry
    • Biochemistry and molecular biology
    • Cell biology


    • The Croatian society of biochemistry and molecular biology (HDBMB)
    • Croatian Chemical Society (HKD)

    Scientific training and study visits

    • 2016. Annual Flow cytometry course, Children Hospital Srebrnjak, Zagreb
    • 2015. Symposium and Workshop on Microscale Thermophoresis, Zagreb
    • 2009. International Summer School of Biophysics, Rovinj
    • 2009. GE Healthcare Biacore MicroCal and AKTA Innovation Days, Ljubljana, Slovenija
    • 2007. Summer School in Applied Molecular Microbiology, MedILS, Split
    • 2006. Research trainee at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular biology, Mayo clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, SAD

    Acknowledgments and awards

    • 2020. Yearly award of the Faculty of Sceince for excelence in science
    • 2017. Yearly award of the Faculty of Sceince for excelence in science Education


    • 2014 PhD in Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
    • 2006 BSc – biology and chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Split

    Work experience

    • 2018. – today, Assistant professor, Faculty of Science, University of Split
    • 2015. – 2018. Postdoctoral fellow/Senior instructor, Faculty of Science, University of Split
    • 2006. – 2014. Scientific novice – assistant, Faculty of Science, University of Split

    Matični broj znanstvenika : 289663
    ReasercherID : D-5067-2017
    Hrvatska znanstvena bibliografija


    • 2021. – today ‘Discovery and development of new bioactive quaternary ammonium compounds derived from quinuclidine’, HRZZ UIP-2020-02-2356, project leader
    • 2017. – 2021.’The role of Spartan in DNA replication’, HRZZ IP-06-2016, research project – collaborator
    • 2017. – 2019. Quinuclidine and its derivatives – the compounds of high biological and medicinal potential’, Adris Foundation, project leader
    • 2014. – 2018. ‘The role of autophagy receptors in selective removal of mitochondria’, HRZZ 5246, installation research project – collaborator
    • 2006. – 2012. ‘Oligomeric enzyme system in the synthesis of bioactive secondary metabolites’, MZOŠ 177-0000000-2962 – scientific novice
    Invited lectures
    • 2021. 45th FEBS Cogress, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    • 2019. Cogress of the Croatian society of biochemistry and molecular biology (HDBMB), Lovran, Croatia


    • Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
    • Laboratory for cancer research, School of Medicine, University of Split
    • Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb
    • Department of Chemistry, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
    • Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry (FMSAC),Riga Technical
    University, Latvia


    • MDPI, Antibiotics (guest editor)


    • American Society for Microbiology, Applied and Environmental Microbiology
    • Elsevier, Bioorganic Chemistry
    • Elsevier, MedChemMed
    • Elsevier, Results in Chemistry




    • Biochemistry I, lectures- 2017 – today
    • Biochemistry I, seminar- 2013 – today
    • Biochemistry II, seminar – 2013 – today
    • General Chemistry, Academy, lectures- 2017 – today
    • Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, The university study of mediterranean agriculture, lectures-2019-today


    • Biotechnology, laboratory practice – 2010 – today


    Undergraduate and graduate thesis:|%C5%A0prung,%20Matilda%20(28017)|text|profile&subgroup=dt-graduation_thesis&group=dissertations_and_thesis

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