Zadovoljstvo nam je pozvati vas na 58. Fakultetski seminar koji će se održati u četvrtak, 27.10.2022., u učionici B2-21, u 14:00 h.

Seminar će održati Despina Tsopoglou-Gkina, School of Social Sciences & Humanities, University of Western Macedonia, Florina – Greece,  na temu:

Representations of gene models in Greek teachers’ conceptions

Sažetak predavanja:

Genetics, apart from an integral part of modern biology, constitutes a solid branch of secondary and upper education biology curricula. Despite its central role in science education, it is one of the most problematic areas of the curriculum of biology with students facing conceptual difficulties emerging mainly from the complex genetic phenomena and processes in different organizational levels or deficient didactic transformation of scientific knowledge to school science from educators, which is exacerbated by cohesion lacking textbooks. The methodology framework for the present study, developed for textbook analysis, uses the epistemological features for the categorization of the representations of the gene and its functions in biology textbooks, into five historical models: Mendelian model, classical model, biochemical-classical model, neoclassical model and modern model. The purpose of this study is to explore which gene models are represented in biology in-service educators conceptions’ in secondary education in Greece. Using content analysis, we analyzed 17 interviews and found that in Greek biology educators conceptions’ the epistemological features of the biochemical-classical, classical, and neoclassical models are prevalent, while the Mendelian and modern are limited. Our results coincide with research conducted in Greek biology textbooks, indicating the necessity of including modern concepts in genetics curricula, as research in genetic education reveals that lack of them leads to genetic deterministic views.

O predavačici:

Despina Tsopoglou-Gkina is a biologist working in secondary education since 2016, as bridging her scientific interests with education has always been her aspiration. Having a research background in Biology (B.Sc.) and Ecology and Natural Resource management (M.Sc.), she is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Didactics of Biology aiming to shift her research focus towards Science Education.

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