Zadovoljstvo nam je pozvati vas na jubilarni pedeseti Fakultetski seminar koji se održava na temu iz FIZIKE OKOLIŠA, u utorak, 8. veljače 2022. godine, s početkom u 12:15 h. Zbog epidemiološke situacije seminar će se održati isključivo on-line preko poveznice

Seminar će održati dr. sc. Cléa Denamiel, znanstvena suradnica s Instituta Ruđer Bošković. Tema seminara je:

 Coupled atmosphere-ocean climate models

Sažetak predavanja:

In the context of on-going and future climate change, it is expected that the number and the intensity of extreme events will rise along the coastal areas of the Earth where communities are growing fast. In the last decades, to respond to the growing needs of the local authorities for more precise climate projections of extreme events, the geoscientific community has developed more accurate atmosphere-ocean numerical models. After a brief description of the historical evolution of these climate models and their skills, this presentation will focus on various applications in the Adriatic Sea of the only coupled atmosphere-ocean kilometer-scale climate model in the world: the Adriatic Sea and Coast (AdriSC) modelling suite.

O predavačici:

Cléa Denamiel is currently permanently employed as a researcher at the Ruđer Bošković Institute. After obtaining her PhD in 2007, she spent 13 years in various institutions (HR Wallingford Ltd, UK; University of Southern Mississippi, USA; Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Croatia) including world-leading research institutions (Imperial College London, UK; Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT, USA). Her competences include atmospheric and ocean modelling from mesoscale to climate scale using both three-dimensional finite-difference and two-dimensional finite-element frameworks. Her research currently focuses on deterministic and stochastic kilometer-scale modelling in the Adriatic region.

Some of her research can be accessed at

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