Zadovoljstvo nam je pozvati vas na 51. Fakultetski seminar koji se održava na temu iz FIZIKE OKOLIŠA, u četvrtak, 24. ožujka 2022. godine, s početkom u 12:15 h. Seminar će se održati u učionici B1-08 te online preko poveznice
Predavač prof. dr. sc. Dragan Poljak s Fakulteta elektrotehnike, strojarstva i brodogradnje u Splitu održat će predavanje na temu:
Human Exposure to Radiation from 5G systems

Sažetak predavanja: Exposure of humans to mobile communications systems of the fifth generation (5G) may result in a local temperature increase at the body surface (skin, ear, and eye in particular). According to ICNIRP 2020 guidelines, this surface heating is quantified by absorbed power density (Sab) above transition frequency of 6GHz. As it is widely accepted, for the frequencies below 6GHz specific absorption rate (SAR) is used. Furthermore, transmitted power density (TPD), an alternative dosimetric quantity and metric which may provide an estimation of skin temperature elevation for human exposure to electromagnetic fields at GHz frequency range can be useful, as well. This lecture reviews some recently reported incident and internal dosimetry methods for the assessment of human exposure to radiation from 5G mobile systems.
First, simple incident dosimetry procedures to assess the electric field radiated by 5G systems are presented. In addition, some efficient techniques to estimate irradiated field from mMIMO (massive multiple input multiple output) adaptive antenna systems, taking into account beamforming, are outlined. This is followed by deterministic internal dosimetry procedures for an analytical assessment of Sab and TPD in tissue, due to exposure to 5G radiation sources.
Finally, a stochastic-deterministic electromagnetic-thermal dosimetry in lower portion of GHz frequency range featuring the use of anatomically based realistic multilayered model of the human head exposed to radiation from 5G communication systems is discussed.

prof. dr. sc. Dragan Poljak

prof. dr. sc. Dragan Poljak

O predavaču: Dragan Poljak received his PhD in el. Eng. in 1996 from the University of Split, Croatia. He is a Full Professor at the Department of Electronics and Computing, University of Split. His research interests include computational electromagnetics (electromagnetic compatibility, bioelectromagnetics, ground penetrating radar and plasma physics). To date Prof. Poljak has published more than 160 journal and 250 conference papers, and authored some books, e.g. two by Wiley, New Jersey and one by Elsevier, St Louis. He is a Senior member of IEEE, a member of Editorial Board of Eng. Anal. with Boundary Elements, Math. Problems in Eng. And IET Sci. Measur. & Techn. He was awarded several prizes for his research achievements, such as National Prize for Science (2004), Croatian sect. of IEEE annual Award (2016), Technical Achievement Award of the IEEE EMC Society (2019) and George Green Medal from University of Mississippi (2021). From May 2013 to June 2021 Prof. Poljak was a member of the board of the Croatian Science Foundation. He was involved in ITER physics EUROfusion collaboration and he is currently involved in DONES EUROfusion collaboration and in Croatian center for excellence in research for tech. sciences. He is active in a few Working Groups of IEEE/Internat. Committee on Electromagnetic Safety (ICES) Tech. Comm. 95 SC6 EMF Dosimetry Modeling.


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