Pozivamo Vas na 40. Fakultetski seminar Prirodoslovno-matematičkog fakulteta, 22. listopada 2019. godine u 13:00 sati, u amfiteatru A0-1, na kojem će prof. dr. sc. Gulsah Sanli Mohamed, sa Izmir Institute of Technology, Faculty of Science, održati predavanje pod naslovom:


Nanoparticles in Biotehnology


Sažetak predavanja:

Nanoparticles are of great scientific interest as they are, in effect, a bridge between bulk materials and atomic or molecular structures. Nanoparticle research is currently an area of intense scientific research, due to a wide variety of potential applications in biomedical, optical, and electronic fields. Development of nanoparticle based research for various biotechnological applications has attracted great attention, recently. In the giving talk, four different application of nanoparticles synthesized and characterized in our laboratory will be presented in the field of biotechnology. They will be discussed for their utilization as drug carrier, bioimaging application and enzyme immobilization carrier. First, preparation and characterization of chitosan nano-particles as carrier for the immobilization of thermophilic recombinant esterase will be discussed. Second, in vitro evaluation of doxorubicin incorporated magnetic albumin nanspheres will be presented. Third, chitosan nanoparticles for the encapsulation of natural antioxidants extracted from olive leaf and their effects on cancer cell lines will be shown. For the fourth application, development of chitosan nanoparticles with a fluorescent probe for the purpose of bioimaging applications will be discussed.


O predavačici:

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